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Rajaram and Meenakshi Dhuri
Sucess over Infertility
My story isl ike that of so many couples. We tried for so many years to have a child but it wouldn't happen. I had all the testing done and felt like I was getting older by the minute. I was out of hope and, it seemed, out of time as I was approaching what I thought was the detrimental fertility age. One day, my sir suggested me to try out Ayurveda treatments...as Ayurveda balances the body equilibrium and has no side effects of treatment.... end of the day you are with a better health than before. So I visited my sir's daughter's Aarogyam Ayurvedic Clinic in Borivalli, with a new hope. After meeting with Dr. Mansi Kirpekar we had a great confidence in her ability, and right from the beginning we became aware of her great knowledge and experience. I appreciated Dr. Mansi's honesty and she didn't mislead us with false hope. The supporting and compassionate staff helped relieve the stress and anixiety that Infertility brings! After starting medicines I started feeling lot more energitic, healthier and peaceful. They guided me on all steps of treatment and in spam of few months 8 years old problem got results. Igot conceived. Today my husband and I are proud parents of a beautiful Daughter & son. My prayer have been answered and i am so thankful to Dr. Mansi and Aarogyam Ayurvdic Clinic for making my dream of having a family come true! I believe everything happens for reason. There was a reason I could not conceive on my own, and there is a reason why you're reading this testimonial
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I had the trouble of lower backache, severe upper back pain and gases from the past 12 to 14 years. Eyes used to feel a lot heavy. After taking Dr.Mansiv s treatment only for three months my stomach is feeling a lot lighter and I have become very healthy. Thank you. And hope your service makes all patients healthy.
God bless you Dr.Mansi.
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Best wishes to Dr.Mansi,
There are no words to describe you. I and my son has benefitted a lot from your treatment. I can’t explain how much it has transformed me. It’s been many months now that my treatment is complete but I am still following your guidance and lifestyle modifications. I am very very much thankful to you for your help and guidance.

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Dear Dr.Mansi
Thanks a lot. My dream of becoming a mother has come to reality because of your treatment. And I became the mother of a cute baby. I was depressed after taking all other treatments for last 6 years, But u gave me condolence and hope.
Dr.Mansi, your friendly guidance has helped me a lot Thanks a lot.
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Dear Dr.Mansi, Your medicines are showing the effect on my body. Medicines and your guidance has helped me leave tobacco chewing. I am a lot thanks to you.