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Paanchabhautic Panchakarma

Paanchabhautic Panchakarma

mail ru закрыли доступ see url Why we need it? Detoxification of body or Shudheekaran of Deh

парацетамол совместим с алкоголем Depletion /Deprivation of Vital Nutrients – Under such situation body gets deprived of not only regular but some of the most essential and vital nutrients.


see url Under Detoxification we offers following Treatment modalities which will-

  1. Arrest of ill effects of toxic substances by removing them from body
  2. Arrest release of new toxic substances in the body and
  3. Correct the imbalance of nutrients and bring back to normal level



  • Омск Unhealthy food production leading to unhealthy body сигареты 100 мм We are made up of what we eat Hence providing right nutrients in right quantity and of right Quality is very important for the healthy development and healthy maintenance of body. Today the technological revolution has made it possible to produce bulk production and fast production of agricultural and veterinary food products in sufficient quantities. And if properly managed the threat of hunger can be easily eliminated from the earth.
  • However, technology is most of the time “Blessings in disguise” . World over various types of growth enhancers like insecticides and hormones are used to improve bulk production. However, their uncontrolled and large scale use, have posed another treats to the human race. For example currently, there is wide spread and large scale use of synthetic fertilizers and insecticides in form of liquids sprayed on agriculture during its growth and even afterwards to prolong the life of product and preserve it for longer time. The residual amounts of these toxic chemicals absorbed in food grains, vegetables and fruits cannot be removed completely by simple washing these grains, beans, vegetables or fruits. We therefore cannot expect that – This unhealthy growth of plants and animals used as food by us can produce healthy body. Moreover, it has started showing its bad effects on human health, which is seen inform of increase incidences of diseases of kidney, respiratory, gastrointestinal tract and its main cause of some cancers.


  • Punjab Misfortune -The highest concentrations of insecticides in the air, water and in agricultural products produced in Ludhiana (Punjab) has revealed a startling fact that- in Ludhiana district there is invariably at least one person per family diagnosed as suffering from cancer.


  • Reduction in the quantity & Quality of essential Nutrients – Apart from causing various bad effects on health the uncontrolled use of these toxic substances have reduced the quality and quantity of essential nutrients available in currently marketed raw vegetables and animal food products. This has un-doubtfully proved by the fact that now a days, worldwide, it is common to find less than normal blood levels of most of the vitamins, minerals  and hormones in the bloods of major population.
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